Saturday, July 16, 2011


In the spirit of the all-American road trip, our family is embarking on a culinary journey across the USA. We'll "visit" all 50 states by preparing a meal that represents each one. No particular order, we'll randomly draw four states to eat each week. We might focus on a particular agricultural product or an ethnic group that has contributed to the state's food culture. With two grown-ups and two kids (10 and 8) we have to try to satisfy everyone's palate--no easy task!

Throughout, we'll share our recipes, photos and reviews from each meal.

We hope you'll join us, and send suggestions our way.

Coming up this week: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Tennessee

1 comment:

  1. This looks great.
    Loved the photos and the interaction to prepare the meal.
    What a fun idea.
    Maia and Lucy - my hat is off to you
    for trying new foods.
    I look forward to more postiings

    patti z