Thursday, September 8, 2011


This meal generated some discussion in our house about the nature of our project. Knowing that Kansas is a big beef producer (60% of the agricultural business is generated by beef in the state), I suggested burgers. Easy and familiar. Maia felt that was a little boring, noting that burgers wouldn't be anything new for us. She's right, burgers are a pretty standard meal around here. But, as much as this project has been about encouraging us all to try new things, I didn't see anything wrong with adding some familiar items to the mix as well.

So, on Labor Day afternoon, burgers were just fine. We thought about grilling, but Marc and I really prefer a burger cooked on flat skillet. The salt and pepper crust is delicious and the heat is easier to control. On the side, we added our favorite rosemary potatoes.

Lucy strips fresh rosemary stems for the potatoes

This was a perfect end of summer meal--no one could complain!

We got to draw our next four this week (and we got all the rest of the "news"): New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Arkansas!

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  1. I don't eat red meat
    but if I did -
    these looked great.
    easy and tasty